Yoga should be practiced under the guidance of a skilful teacher. Only one expert teacher can guarantee safe progress without hurting your body and your mind.

It is important to practice on an empty stomach (not less than four hours from a big meal and about two hours from a light meal). You can drink half an hour before and it is better not to drink at all during your practice. After the practice, you should wait forty minutes before drinking (your internal organs have to return in place).

Wear comfortable clothing neither too tight nor too large, better if made of organic cotton. We practice with bare feet but a pair of sox are useful during relaxation. You can bring with you a soft and light blanket.

In respect of yourself, your friends and your yoga teacher we recommend to have a shower before practicing. Hot water helps your muscles to become more flexible and you can feel more relaxed.

If you take medicines, special treatments or you had a surgery, please share it with your yoga teacher. She can adapt the yoga practice to your specific psychological and physical condition.

For women

During your period it is better not to practice ashtanga vinyasa yoga. Your body needs a good rest and practicing hard and dynamic yoga could cause a too abundant flow or an interruption of it. It would be better to attend a hatha yoga lesson or to rest. Anyway tell your yoga teacher about your period because some postures must be avoided while others can help to relieve uncomfortable feeling or pain.